The Wonderwhat Podcast aims to engage the Eastgate community in wider conversation about our faith, our community, and our calling. Tune in every month as we touch on topics related to our church, our city, and our church family.

We have done a bit of a reboot, with Rob & Robbie hosting.

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Podcast #11-Greene Guests, Royal Wedding and Swear Words! June 2018, click below to listen

Podcast #10-Snoop Dog & Beth Moore, April 2018, click below to listen.

Podcast #9-Please Stop Doing This, February 2018, click below to listen.

Podcast #8-There’s Nothing So Over As Christmas, January 2018, click below to listen.

Podcast #7-Blake Rosemann Guest, November 2017 listen here.

Podcast #6-There’s Always Last Year!, listen here from October 2017

Podcast #5-Mental Health, listen here from September 2017

Podcast #4-Spoil the Child, listen here from August 2017:

Podcast #3 is now available, Brian & Kristi talk shop here from July 2017:

Tune in to the second episode, “Sorry Man” here.  From June 2017:

Tune in to the first episode here. May 2017:

Continue to check this “Podcast” tab for the latest episode.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Thank you Gwenn, Blake, & Liz, for sharing some of your journey. I grew up in a small southern town where our schools were segregated until I entered the 10th grade, & we were the only integrated class that yr. We were used to test the waters. Therefore, in 1972, we became the 1st integrated class to graduate in the history of our schools. Although there were a few bumps along the way, I believe most of us were pretty proud of how our class handled those changes.

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