On Purpose

 We are coming to the end of a study I have been participating in centered on the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It really is a great book and has some wonderful insights into the journey a follower of Jesus is on. There have been a few things that I find myself […]

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The Earth and everything in it.

 ******SPOILER ALERT******* This post exposes the plot of the movie Happyfeet.  I went to see a movie the other day with my son Patrick. The name of the movie is Happy Feet. It’s about the Emperor Penguins and about one penguin in particular named Mumble. You see in this movie each of the penguins has […]

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A special object of God’s love.

You are who you are for a reason.You’re part of an intricate plan. You’re a precious and perfect unique design,called God’s special woman or man. You look like you look for a reason. Our God made no mistake. He knit you together within the womb, you’re just what He wanted to make . The parents […]

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Adopt a new law!!!

  When the law was given, it was given in order to instruct the Israelites how to live and please God. It was a tutor to show mankind the holiness of God and to teach man of his inability to attain that holiness on his own. It still teaches mankind of its need for a […]

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Jesus for Christmas?

 An article caught my eye on the MSN homepage yesterday and I wonder what others are thinking about this. It seems a company that manufactures dolls has offered to donate 4,000 talking Bible action figures including Jesus dolls to the Toy’s for Tots program. Toy’s for Tots collects and distributes toys as holiday gifts to […]

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Know it all?

By Luke   I usually get together with my mom once a week when I have the time. I will take her to lunch and the grocery store to do her shopping. Ever since I gave my life to Christ she has witnessed a great deal of change in me. She is very curious about […]

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 By Luke A simple drive down Any Street USA will reveal there are an amazing amount of different churches out there. Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic and so on and that’s just to name a few within the Christian faith alone. The list is enormous. So with all these different churches how is it possible to […]

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