The Earth and everything in it.

 ******SPOILER ALERT******* This post exposes the plot of the movie Happyfeet.

 I went to see a movie the other day with my son Patrick. The name of the movie is Happy Feet. It’s about the Emperor Penguins and about one penguin in particular named Mumble. You see in this movie each of the penguins has a song and it is through this song that the penguins attract their mate thus fulfilling their life’s purpose. Mumble is a bit different though as he doesn’t have a song and can’t sing at all. What gift he has been given is the ability to dance. His father believes that the reason his son is different is because he allowed the egg to get cold while it was waiting to hatch. You see Emperor penguins mate in the summer and then the fathers are left to cover the eggs and keep them warm through the sub zero winter while the mothers go back to sea to gather food for when the egg is hatched in the spring. Mumbles father allowed the egg to slip out from under him and get cold. The elders of the penguins (a committee who are portrayed as puritan religious types) believe Mumble is an omen and a warning from their god The Mighty Guinn and is ultimately the cause for the food shortage all the animals in the region are enduring. They instruct Mumble that Guinn is in control of everything and if Guinn wanted them to have fish they would but because their god is mad at them they don’t. Mumble refuses to accept their theory and goes in search of the real cause of the food shortage only to find it is caused by over fishing and big business.


  I felt in some way it was a crack at religion and putting our trust in God, but what I really started to wonder about was our responsibility to the environment as followers of Christ.  Should our stance be something like “ well this is the last days or end times why should we worry about the environment?” or should followers of Christ take a stand on environmental issues? Should we see the earth and all the animals as a treasure God has entrusted us with stewardship over? Perhaps we should look at it like “ well when Jesus comes back this whole place is gonna get a re-boot anyway, so why worry about it?” Does it really matter whether or not some penguins die out or the rain forests and everything in them are depleted? When I read the Bible I see that Jesus’ followers thought the end times were near almost two thousand years ago. What if He delays His coming another two thousand years? What would the Earth look like at the rate we are going? Just wondering what others are thinking. Thanks for your reply.

5 thoughts on “The Earth and everything in it.

  1. Hey, don’t you know that when you talk about the inner plot details of a movie that you’re supposed to say: “Spoiler Alert”!! Great, now I know the whole thing. 😉

    Seriously though, the environement is something I’ve wondered about before, and for me I’ve come to the place where I feel a responsibility to take care of God’s creation as much as I am able to on an individual and personal level. I just cringe inwardly at the thought of protesting and fighting for the preservation of this world as if this is all there ever will be. I guess I take that as God’s leading for me. The Bible talks of a new heavens and a new earth…that’s what I’m looking forward to.

  2. Oh man I didnt even think about ruining the movie. My apologies to everyone. I am taking the neccesary steps to warn everyone.

  3. I certainly feel that we are called to be stewards of God’s earth, just as Adam was in the garden. If we can vote a way here or there that encourages better treatment of the environment (and not violate our conscience) then we ought to. Or if we can afford a hybrid car, why not?

  4. I can tell you that I had to have my septic tank pumped a few months ago…….the guy came up with glowing reports about it being the “cleanest” septic tank he’s ever pumped! I was stoked……I am the only one that has lived on that property and I use biodegradeable cleaners! 🙂 God is so awesome and I agree that doing what we can on an individual basis in how He leads us is the way to take care of the place He has provided for us to live in now.

  5. So I’ve waited to read this post until after I had seen Happy Feet. At first I was mad at the movie because I wasn’t expecting to be preached at. I agree that it certainly seemed to give the message that Christians don’t care about the environment. Although that could have just been me feeling guilty. I could do a lot more to help the environment, (recycle, not use aerosol cans, ect.), it’s just hard to be motivated though. While I agree with Robbie and I wont be joining any protests in the future I do think that we should be more responsible on a personal level. After all, it can’t hurt anything to be conscience, but it can hurt if we don’t do anything.

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