Mary, Mary, Extraordinary!

“I wanna be a lionYeah, everybody wants to pass as catsWe all wanna be big, big starsYeah, but we got different reasons for that…” ~ Mr. Jones, by Counting Crows Everyone seems to have an innate desire to be significant somehow. There’s nothing more intriguing, it seems, than following someone’s rise to fame from obscurity […]

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The Sacred Story Resumes

When the first Back to the Future movie ended, the words “To Be Continued” popped up on the screen. It was sort of a shock to me back then that a movie was created with the sequel already fully intended. Lord of the Rings was another movie series told in three parts. It felt like […]

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The Fruit of Freedom

Freedom is such an important principle in life, but more important is what we do with the freedom that is granted to us. This is true whether we’re talking about societal freedom or the freedom which is found in Christ. This Sunday we’ll be reading ch 5:13-26 in our study of the Galatian letter. In […]

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Staying Free

One major fear that gets posed whenever Christian freedom is discussed is the concern that it can lead to an antinomian lifestyle – a life with no constraint, living lawlessly. I’ve heard that fear expressed to me many times over the years. Martin Lloyd Jones, the old Welsh minister, famously said that if we aren’t […]

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Purpose Revealed in the Patterns

Hey Eastgate – this Sunday we’ll be celebrating the communion of the bread and cup – so if you are watching online, you’ll want to have some symbol of sustenance ready, like bread or wine or whatever is available to you. I guarantee it will be better than what we’ll be using in the in […]

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Why Return to Servility?

Phew…2020, am I right? Sally did a real number on Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, and the Calvary Chapel out there has really taken a hit. Please visit their website to see what I’m talking about, and pray for them. If you are able, consider donating or contacting them to see if they need help on […]

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The Purpose in the Promise

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study in the letter to the Galatians. We’ll also take some time to pray for the people out west who are suffering through those fires, pray for the people of Louisiana who are recovering from and facing another storm. And we’ll pray for our own county since we are […]

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The Purpose of the Law

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study in the letter to the Galatians, reading chapter 3:19-25. Paul has been making his adamant point that the Law of Moses was a parenthesis, not the main emphasis of God’s plan. The question that would naturally come up then, would be: why institute the law in the first […]

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