Prayers for Good Saturday

On the Saturday before Easter, we as a fellowship have participated in praying together, even if we’re apart, for many years now. We provide written prayers for morning, midday and evening time prayer and contemplation. This is to prepare our hearts for Easter. We hope you’ll join us in praying these together in unity. The […]

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Job 3 – The Breaking Point

Job really seems like an appropriate study lately, given the global concerns about CONVID-19. We are still weighing out our options about our normal 10 am meeting tomorrow, but we will be broadcasting live on YouTube and Facebook. We’ll address our next steps, but it seems likely that we’ll move to online only for the […]

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The Meal of Mission

It’s almost universal that important moments and significant occasions are marked by sharing a meal. We incorporate meals into our three main holidays here in the U.S. – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Superbowl Sunday. There’s just something inherent in us as humans that we commemorate things by sharing a common sustenance. That’s probably why God incorporated […]

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The “AH-HA” Moment

Last week we watched as Jesus performed the most wide spread miracle in all of His public ministry, feeding the multitudes on a mountainside. Today in our text we’ll pick up with an equally impressive miracle, the story of Jesus walking on the water and then another wide sweeping miracle of healing. All of this […]

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Certainly Wrong

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.” That’s what Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft said in 2007.  It’s a funny topic to research, the hilariously wrong predictions that some folks have made throughout the years. There’s a notoriously wrong assessment of Jesus that we find in […]

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Do You or I or Anyone Know?

This Sunday we’ll be having our Surf-N-Grill Sunday – which means we will have a shorter than normal service, and then head down to St Andrews State Park for a beach day. The weather looks pretty good for that! If you haven’t been baptized and would like to, you can still sign up online: Baptism […]

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There is a strange tension between the letter and the spirit of a law. The “letter of the law” refers to how a law is spelled out in the penal code, vehicle code etc. The “spirit of the law” is the reasoning behind why the law was enacted; the original intent for its institution. It […]

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The Joyful New

I’m back from vacation! I had a great trip to the Great Northwest – but I’m also glad to be back. This Sunday we’ll be reading Mark 2:18-22. This text is in the midst of a grouping of religious controversies that confront Jesus in his early ministry. Jesus, from the get go, was upending religious […]

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