An Identity in the Light

Back in my wilder youth there were a few nightclubs and rock venues I would frequent. Once, I had reason to be inside one of those clubs during the daylight hours. To my horror, what had been obfuscated in the darkness was now on full display in daytime brightness. The place was beyond grody. NotContinue reading “An Identity in the Light”

It’s all About Identity

One of the things we’ve had to learn in the dawn of the digital age is how to protect against identity theft. It’s certainly something that requires diligence on our part; changing passwords, identifying stop signs to prove we aren’t robots, all sorts of measures are taken to protect our identities. In our passage thisContinue reading “It’s all About Identity”

A Present Peace, Purpose, and Passion

This Sunday will be the 9/11 anniversary – a date we will most likely never forget given the way in which that event has shaped our nation and society since. Yet there was another event, many, many years ago which we citizens of God’s Kingdom remember weekly, and the effect of that event on ourContinue reading “A Present Peace, Purpose, and Passion”