Being True to Your True Self

YAWP!!! I forgot to post in Wonderwhat! And I felt so proud of getting my work done too….meh. We’re going to be reading Romans 6:1-14 tomorrow – just so you have a heads up. Paul is answering a question he anticipates someone asking: Does God’s grace mean we should continue on living in dehumanizing ways […]

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Can I Get Two Witnesses?

While Revelation may be the most puzzling book of the Bible, chapters 10 and 11 prove to be the most puzzling section of Revelation. The imagery is dense and the symbolism is deep and this will take some thinking as we navigate our way through this section. We’re first introduced to an angel holding a […]

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Famous Last Words

(note: based on the current tracking models for Nate, we will plan to have our meetings as usual since we’re just under a TS watch. However, should the storm start tracking East, or if we find ourselves facing full-on tropical storm conditions or worse, we will cancel our meetings. If that is the case, stay home and […]

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Whose Kingdom?

Has someone ever taken something that belonged to you – or at least you felt belonged to you? How did that make you feel? Have you ever been in charge of something and someone else starts stepping all over your authority? What feelings does that incur? What do you want to do? We’re going to […]

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The God-Begotten Life

  Born again. It’s a phrase used so commonly, research done a few years back indicated that a large percentage of Americans identified as “born again Christians”, but also indicated that most had no concept of what that meant. It’s as though “born again” is a team name, and that’s the team a person chooses […]

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