Mary, Mary, Extraordinary!

“I wanna be a lionYeah, everybody wants to pass as catsWe all wanna be big, big starsYeah, but we got different reasons for that…” ~ Mr. Jones, by Counting Crows Everyone seems to have an innate desire to be significant somehow. There’s nothing more intriguing, it seems, than following someone’s rise to fame from obscurity […]

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The Sacred Story Resumes

When the first Back to the Future movie ended, the words “To Be Continued” popped up on the screen. It was sort of a shock to me back then that a movie was created with the sequel already fully intended. Lord of the Rings was another movie series told in three parts. It felt like […]

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The Fruit of Freedom

Freedom is such an important principle in life, but more important is what we do with the freedom that is granted to us. This is true whether we’re talking about societal freedom or the freedom which is found in Christ. This Sunday we’ll be reading ch 5:13-26 in our study of the Galatian letter. In […]

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Staying Free

One major fear that gets posed whenever Christian freedom is discussed is the concern that it can lead to an antinomian lifestyle – a life with no constraint, living lawlessly. I’ve heard that fear expressed to me many times over the years. Martin Lloyd Jones, the old Welsh minister, famously said that if we aren’t […]

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Prayers for Good Saturday

On the Saturday before Easter, we as a fellowship have participated in praying together, even if we’re apart, for many years now. We provide written prayers for morning, midday and evening time prayer and contemplation. This is to prepare our hearts for Easter. We hope you’ll join us in praying these together in unity. The […]

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Job 3 – The Breaking Point

Job really seems like an appropriate study lately, given the global concerns about CONVID-19. We are still weighing out our options about our normal 10 am meeting tomorrow, but we will be broadcasting live on YouTube and Facebook. We’ll address our next steps, but it seems likely that we’ll move to online only for the […]

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The Meal of Mission

It’s almost universal that important moments and significant occasions are marked by sharing a meal. We incorporate meals into our three main holidays here in the U.S. – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Superbowl Sunday. There’s just something inherent in us as humans that we commemorate things by sharing a common sustenance. That’s probably why God incorporated […]

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The “AH-HA” Moment

Last week we watched as Jesus performed the most wide spread miracle in all of His public ministry, feeding the multitudes on a mountainside. Today in our text we’ll pick up with an equally impressive miracle, the story of Jesus walking on the water and then another wide sweeping miracle of healing. All of this […]

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