Having a Healthy Spiritual Worldview

This Sunday we’ll be looking at 1 Timothy 4:1-10.  (the Message)

Paul is once again being blunt about his views on some of those who had been teaching the church in Ephesus.  Our culture has mostly adopted a pluralistic view about truth.  There is no one truth, our culture maintains, but all claims of spirituality are equally valid.  Paul gives his perception about some claims of spirituality.  What is his view?  Does this challenge your own thinking about the claims of other religions?

In v3-5, Paul outlines some specific difficulties he has with what some teachers are enforcing on members of the church.  What seems to be his point, why are these requirements an error?

V6-10 provide a few positive directions for us to follow in searching for a healthy spiritual worldview.  What is the basis for a good spiritual worldview according to v6?  What do we need to do with the truth we have, according to v7-8?

What we believe matters.  While we never want to join bashing tactics of the so  called “discernment ministries”, we do need to recognize the need for a clear, Scriptural framework from which we make the choices of life.  This should be an interesting exploration of that concept.

See ya’ Sundee.