Enduring in a Hazardous World

Man…what a year 2017 has been! We’re on track to break records for the magnitude and frequency of natural disasters this year. USA today says we’ve already tied the record for billion dollar disasters. It is reasonable that people are wondering about the end of the world. I’ve been asked multiple times if I thinkContinue reading “Enduring in a Hazardous World”

The Triumphant Decline

Have you ever worked really hard on some idea only to have someone else come along and take credit for it, even indirectly? What emotions did you feel? The human need to be significant and important, at very least for recognition is universal. Ego is a tough wrestling opponent. Yet, as we’ll read in thisContinue reading “The Triumphant Decline”

Myth #3, The Clergy – Laity Divide

Sorry about Wonderwhat being down last week.  Technical issues which have now been rectified were to blame. I have received a lot of invitations over the years, invitations that you have NOT received.  Do you know why?  They were invitations to honor the clergy among us, of which I am perceived to be.  You didn’t get the invite to be honoredContinue reading “Myth #3, The Clergy – Laity Divide”

What is the Church Anyway?

Our text this Sunday will be 1 Tim 3:14-16 (In the Message) Just a few short verses, in which Paul gives an explanation about why he’s writing this letter in the first place.  In his explanation, he gives some very interesting insights about the nature of the church gathering.  How does v15 describe the church?  WhatContinue reading “What is the Church Anyway?”