This Sunday we’ll keep looking at Paul’s introductory remarks to the church in Colosse.  We’ll read vs 9-14 in chapter one.  In this section, Paul moves from complimenting the stuff he knows about the Christians in Colosse, to the stuff he’s hoping for concerning them.

The whole movement of this section is about change.  V12-14give us the heading, and we sort of work in reverse from that point.  What’s the big, overall change that’s taken place in our lives because of Christ?

Working backwards, we see three areas of change that Paul prays for to continue happening with the Christians in Colosse…and what we want to see in ourselves.  V9 speaks of growth in our knowing something…v10 speaks of living something differently…v11 speaks of an ability to continue in these changes.  What will we grow to know?  What will change in our lifestyle?  What enables us to continue on?

Stuff to think about.  See you all Sunday!