The Hero’s Power to Restore (or, “Jesus Makes Deviled Ham”)

Hey everyone…it’s been a few weeks!  Hope everyone is cool with the Big Room makeover.  If you have any suggestions about it, lemme’ know (albeit, a suggestion that we put a drop ceiling in will be ignored  😛 )

I want to remind everyone that we are going back to two services starting this Sunday (August 1st), at 9 and 11am.

We’re going to continue our study in Luke this Sunday, reading Luke 8:26-39 .

Evil is a real force in our world.  What characterizes evil as you read the description of this man…what effect does evil have on him?

We have a lot of different views about how to tackle the problem of evil in our world, but I would say that this passage shows us the ultimate answer.  The answer is obvious as we read this, but is it the answer you go to when struggling with a particular temptation or habit in your own life?  Jesus has the power to restore us to God’s original intent for our lives, but way too often we settle for chains, don’t we?

Why do you suppose Jesus grants the request of demons and pagan hostiles, but NOT the request of someone who sincerely seems to appreciate Him (v38-39)?  What lesson can we learn about our OWN lives from that?

This should be an interesting exploration…hope to see you Sunday (at 9 or 11am).

The Authority of Christ

This Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 4:21-44.

Right on the heels of Jesus declaring that the prophecy of Isa 61:1-2a were fulfilled, he goes out and demonstrates just how it is He will be fulfilling His messianic calling.  While the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus, the people to the North-West in Capernaum have a very different reaction.  They are filled with wonder…because of Jesus’ “authority“.

What things does Jesus demonstrate His authority over in this passage?  What can it tell us about our own life specifically?  How often do we ever think about the forces that operate behind what’s seen with the natural eye?  What do we learn from Jesus’ interaction with those forces?

For all of His authority, Jesus also demonstrates submission as well.  What does Jesus submit to, and what does He NOT submit to in the last few verses of this passage?

Good stuff to consider, we’ll unpack it more on Sunday!