Staying Free

One major fear that gets posed whenever Christian freedom is discussed is the concern that it can lead to an antinomian lifestyle – a life with no constraint, living lawlessly. I’ve heard that fear expressed to me many times over the years. Martin Lloyd Jones, the old Welsh minister, famously said that if we aren’tContinue reading “Staying Free”

Faith > Works

Do you remember the buzz a while back about how people could look at the same dress and some people saw a blue dress with black stripes, while others saw a gold dress with white stripes? I’m still amazed that anyone saw anything but a blue dress – but that’s the thing, isn’t it? ItContinue reading “Faith > Works”

Signs and Religious Control

Can you believe it’s been 14 years since that movie came out? Stunning. I always remember that part of the movie. It still stands out as a great illustration of our own intentions getting in the way of our ability to hear from God. Something akin to that sort of irony will be involved inContinue reading “Signs and Religious Control”

God’s Rule in an Unruly World

Most of you know, I’m a cartoonist who is serving as a pastor until the Lord fixes that. I’ve drawn a graphic novel for the web called “Rabbi Encounters”. You might enjoy reading chapter five, “Surf” (click the title to go there). It’s my rendition of the events that we’ll be reading this Sunday as weContinue reading “God’s Rule in an Unruly World”

The Story of Faith

My formative Christian years were spent embracing what has popularly come to be known as “the health and wealth” gospel. I was told that if I had the right amount of faith, I could get God to do my bidding and provide me fabulous toys and inexhaustible wellness. Hebrews chapter 11 was a go-to source forContinue reading “The Story of Faith”

The Promise is Certain

When someone swears an oath, like the way we are asked to when giving testimony in a court of law, what are we trying to emphasize by that oath? We are often disappointed and disillusioned by promised that are never kept. From advertisers to politicians, we are alarmingly accustomed to claims and promises that areContinue reading “The Promise is Certain”

Shipwrecks and Snakes

This Sunday we’ll be continuing the story of the Apostle Paul and a ship tossed in a storm. We’ll be picking up where we left off, reading chapter 27:27-28:10. We’ll be following the same theme of reading the account as an analogy for how we respond to the stormy times we go through in life.Continue reading “Shipwrecks and Snakes”

Fair-weather Fans and Faithful Followers

Have you ever had a fair-weather friend? You know, someone who is happy to be your pal until it may cost them something or it is somehow inconvenient. Then they are nowhere to be found. Jesus had and still has his share of those types of friends, as we’ll see in the passage we’ll beContinue reading “Fair-weather Fans and Faithful Followers”