Warning Signs

Warning signs are very helpful in an environment where there is the potential for danger. Climbing on lions is an activity that, I believe, requires a bit of a heads up. Often times in life we aren’t afforded written signs that alert us to possible hazards – and that’s especially true as it touches ourContinue reading “Warning Signs”

A Love for Truth

 Last summer I was struggling with my weed-eater. I had come to the conclusion that the spool which held the string was old and faulty and needed to be replaced. I tore the whole assembly off the handle and ripped open the packaging on the replacement head and started trying to attach it to the trimmer.Continue reading “A Love for Truth”

Weeds in the Lawn

I’ve met a lot of people who have been abused by a church at some point in their lives. I feel like I’ve met more than I should have. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised though, because the New Testament devotes a surprisingly large amount of space warning us about the dangers of church. SpecificallyContinue reading “Weeds in the Lawn”