Unexpected Authority

I don’t know. Why is it whenever I write the word “authority” I hear Cartman’s voice in my head commanding my respect? It’s the hazards of keeping up with popular culture I suppose. Whenever we think of a king or government exercising authority, what usually comes to mind? Often, we think of violence or evenContinue reading “Unexpected Authority”

God’s Rule in Action

I remember once when my wife and I were going to turn an enclosed porch area on the back of our house into an extra bedroom for our boys. We planned and considered how this could be accomplished and what it would take. We drew a lot of diagrams on napkins and contemplated this taskContinue reading “God’s Rule in Action”

A Matter of Life and Death

This Sunday we’ll be continuing in our study of the Gospel of John, reading John 4:46-54. We’ve mentioned before that John’s gospel is sort of constructed around seven distinct signs that Jesus does. John doesn’t ever call them miracles, but uses the term sign. What is the function of a sign? What are these signs,Continue reading “A Matter of Life and Death”

I Can See Clearly Now

This Sunday, we’re going to read the account of Jesus healing 10 lepers, and the one who came back to thank him.  It’s found in Luke 17:11-19. The word “saw” occurs twice in this story.  To me, it emerges as a subtle theme concerning perspective.  There are also some strong contrasts that emerge in theContinue reading “I Can See Clearly Now”

The Authority of Christ

This Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 4:21-44. Right on the heels of Jesus declaring that the prophecy of Isa 61:1-2a were fulfilled, he goes out and demonstrates just how it is He will be fulfilling His messianic calling.  While the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus, the people to the North-West in Capernaum have aContinue reading “The Authority of Christ”