Mark – Introduction; This is the Good News

This Sunday we will begin a new study in the Gospel of Mark. I am someone who believes that, as the church, it’s important to revisit the life and teachings of Jesus, just to be sure we’re tracking properly. The Gospel of mark is the shortest of the synoptic gospels, and according to surveys, theContinue reading “Mark – Introduction; This is the Good News”

Contrast of Empires

I think the idea of the “kingdom of God” is one of the more difficult concepts for Christians to grasp. In my conversations with people, it often seems to be a primarily future construct. “One day, Jesus will return and set up his kingdom”. That’s true and I agree with that, but is that allContinue reading “Contrast of Empires”

People Get Ready

It looks like our current hurricane season is going to be a tad more active than in the last 10 years. We’re already getting advisories about having our emergency supplies and evacuation procedures in place. There are a lot of things that take us by surprise in life, but hurricanes are not usually one ofContinue reading “People Get Ready”

Benedictus; John Baptizer is Born

As we’ve been going through the gospel of Luke, we’ve found that God seems to go out of His way to turn expectations upside-down.  Our passage this Sunday is no exception, as we finish up chapter 1, verses 57-80. The fantastic promise made by a cosmic sentinel has come true, Beth has given birth to a son.Continue reading “Benedictus; John Baptizer is Born”