An Unsettling Grace

Whoops! Got invited to go fishing and forgot to update Wonderwhat. Sorry about that. This Sunday we will be doing our final study in the book of Jonah. What a fun ride this has been! We’ll be reading all of Jonah 4. Does a movie with really happy ending ever cause you to be furiousContinue reading “An Unsettling Grace”

Beginning Again, Again

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study of the little book of Jonah – reading chapter 3. Have you ever felt like you’ve messed up too many times and it feels almost insincere to start asking God to forgive and set you a new path. I hope you haven’t, because I can tell you from myContinue reading “Beginning Again, Again”

Jonah Introduction – Bailing on Real Life

Hey – this Sunday we’re going to start a short study on the book of Jonah! Fun! We’ll be concentrating on an introduction to the book, and then reading over v1-3. What do you know about Jonah – I mean, without Googling it right away. Just off the top of your head, what do youContinue reading “Jonah Introduction – Bailing on Real Life”