Honest Doubt When We’re Disappointed

Me, myself and againThis Sunday, we’ll be returning to our study in the Gospel of Luke, and we’ll be reading vs 18-35.

John the Baptist reappears in our narrative.  We read back in Luke 3:19 that Herod, Rome’s puppet king over Palestine had put John in prison because he was publicly speaking against his marriage to his brother’s wife.  While he is sitting in jail, awaiting the rise of the Messiah/King/Conquerer…he hears stories about Jesus being nice to tax collectors, and healing servants of Roman officers…and he is suddenly and quite understandably, nagged by doubts about Jesus being the Messiah.

How does Jesus respond to John’s obvious doubt and concern?  Do John’s doubts influence Jesus’ summary of John’s ministry?  What is the basis for John’s doubts…why does  he begin to doubt Jesus?  What can we learn from that as we examine our own struggle with doubt?

Those are some of the things we’ll be looking at on Sunday.  Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and please don’t forget to pray for the families of those who have been lost in our country’s wars.