We’re on a Mission From God

That iconic phrase that propelled Jake and Elwood on their hilarious adventures could also be applied to the earliest disciples who were sent out by Jesus to advance His cause in the passage we’ll be reading this Sunday.  Luke 9:1-6 will be the text for our study.

This was essentially the very first missions trip.  it was a precursor to the Great Commission issued by Jesus at the close of His earthly ministry.  As we read these few verses, we can sort of grasp at the nature of our own mission as the church today.  What can you observe about the mission Jesus has called His followers to in these instructions given to the disciples?  Where does power and authority come from, what is it power to do, what are the specific instructions about how to live among those we are sent to?

His commands seem strange and rather culturally specific, it may be hard to relate this passage to our present experiences.  Do this: consider what it meant to the disciples who had to live it out…what would it have looked like in THEIR experience, then make the closest possible connection with our present culture.  For instance, Jesus told them “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have two tunics…” .  Now, these are not what we would call travel essentials in our day, but for the traveler in ancient Palestine, it was important equipment for the road.  Why would Jesus limit what they carried…what was his point, do you think?  Once the possible reason is established, then imagine what that principle would look like in our present world as we carry OUR mission out.

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