Wrong Assumptions

They say that for some people, the only exercise they get is when they jump to conclusions. It’s easy to do. I know that I’ve got a long history of reacting to situations based on my assumption of what is going on, only to find I didn’t have all the facts. Misreading events or people’s intentions can have some unfortunate consequences – least of all being embarrassed, worst of all ruining a person’s reputation.

In the passage we’re going to be looking at this Sunday, Jesus is faced with a lot of people jumping to conclusions about who he is or what he’s doing. We’ll be reading John 7:1-24.

Jesus’ brothers wanted him to take his ministry on the road and drum up support – what is the assumption they are making about how the kingdom of God will advance? What was Jesus’ response to them?

In Jerusalem people are surprised that Jesus was apparently uneducated, yet able to skillfully teach people. What was their assumption about who God would use? What was Jesus’ response to them?

The religious leaders wanted to destroy Jesus because he violated their understanding of how the Sabbath should be kept. What was their assumption about God’s priorities? What was Jesus’ response?

We will be looking at the assumptions that we as the church often make that parallel the ones in this passage. Hope you can be there!