Job – an Introduction

This week we will begin a new study in the book of Job. How often have you suffered, or known someone who is suffering and the question that forms most readily is “why?”. Why is this happening? Why God? If there is a common issue that unifies those who can’t believe in God, it’s theContinue reading “Job – an Introduction”

Shipwrecks and Snakes

This Sunday we’ll be continuing the story of the Apostle Paul and a ship tossed in a storm. We’ll be picking up where we left off, reading chapter 27:27-28:10. We’ll be following the same theme of reading the account as an analogy for how we respond to the stormy times we go through in life.Continue reading “Shipwrecks and Snakes”

Transcending the Troubles

Does it sometimes feel as though, in your Christian journey, you take a few steps forward only to get buffeted by some trial or tribulation which seems to set you back? Do you ever struggle, thinking that maybe you’re not doing this right, that you shouldn’t have so many troubles now that you’re a Christian?Continue reading “Transcending the Troubles”

Wise Living in Troubled Times

How many times have you faced a crisis situation, or found yourself surrounded by one trouble after another, and your most prominent question has been: “What should I do?”  We are never more in need of divine guidance than when we are faced with difficult circumstances in life.  Sure, life is filled with decisions and choices that mustContinue reading “Wise Living in Troubled Times”