Processions to Parades

Hey gang!  This Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 7:11-17 . As you look at that passage, what are the characteristics you notice about this collision of two different groups?  What strikes you about Jesus in this passage?  If you were to take this story of a miracle and try to make a present and personal application of it…how and where would you see yourself in this story?

A few other things: Remember that we are having Burning House this Sunday (a week earlier than normal, because the following week is Memorial Day weekend, and Riley will be out of town)…so make a note of it!

Also, don’t know if you know Dave Lloyd, but he’s a writer/blogger who hangs with Eastgate, and I read this post he wrote about Tweeting in church…check it out please!  Here’s the thing, if you Tweet, I’m encouraging you to start following Dave’s example and Tweet while I teach.  His reasoning is really sound for doing this, and I love how interactive our exploration of the Bible becomes in this.

To start, follow Dave on Twitter. (you don’t HAVE to do this step, but since he started this, I thought it would be cool to sort of rally around his tweets)

Next, during the teaching time on Sunday mornings, have your Twitter app open, and copy the main bullet points you see on the screen.  Then, as you are listening and thinking about what the text is saying, add your OWN thoughts about it, and use the #eastgate hashtag Dave started.  That way, we can all look at the various insights the Holy Spirit has provided during our examination of the passage.  Personally, the whole thing sounds like so much fun!!! PLEASE give it a try! (Howbeit, if your first question is “what is a tweet?”, this may not be for you…but if it IS for you, do it!)

See you Sunday!