Relevant Grace

Grace is a word we use a lot in our Christian worldview. It’s an amazingly deep and rich concept for such a small word. It is really fundamental to all aspects of our fellowship with Christ. It is a theological proposition, yet it is relevant to every part of our lives.

God’s grace is my obsession.  I’ll admit it. 21 years ago I brushed against the abyss of His grace and I’ve never recovered from that contact. Some people are geeks about sci-fi, some are geeks about movies and TV shows…I’m a grace geek. I can ruin any conversation in nano-seconds if it goes anywhere near the topic of God’s grace, because I can’t seem to shut up about it.

That’s why I really love Paul’s writings because he was apparently a grace geek too.  We’re going to be reading Titus 2:11-15 this Sunday, and we’re going to be looking at how God’s grace is relevant to the core of our Christian walk. Some people have said “you can’t always talk about grace Rob, sometimes you have to talk about obedience.” – as though you could ever truly have one without the other. I insist, as Paul seems to in Titus, that we can’t really talk about obedience if we’re NOT talking about grace.

V11 serves as a heading to the passage. What does Paul says grace does in our lives…and what ways does grace have a practical, even observable outlet in our everyday experiences?

How do you think grace teaches us anything?  What hope does grace inspire in you?

I’m really looking forward to Sunday! Surf-N-Grill 2012 commences right after 2nd service…be there or be….somewhere else, I guess.   Oh yeah, and small group leaders guides are here: leaders guide 5-20-12 (I changed the title of the teaching).

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