This is All a Bit Familiar

Have you ever listed a job twice on a resume? Or sent an email twice on accident? Anyone who uses copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) with great frequency will have at least once or twice mis-clicked or mis-typed and then, just like that, they worked at Burger King in 2008 and they worked at Burger King in 2008.

This Sunday, we will be reading through Acts 11:1-18. After the previous two weeks, Acts 11 starts with a rather familiar story. In fact, we could go so far as to say Chapter 11 is a bit of rerun.

Why would the writer of Acts, the Apostle Luke, repeat this passage? Could this repetition have been an accident? If it was not an accident, then what function could it have served? What function would it serve now?

Join us this Sunday as we explore the meaning of Acts. 11:1-18. Join us this Sunday as we explore the meaning of Acts. 11:1-18.

2 thoughts on “This is All a Bit Familiar

  1. Maybe since we humans are prone to prejudice, frequently forgetful and selective in our memories, Luke thought it necessary to be redundant. Some things bear repeating. Maybe in an effort to emphasize the importance and drive the truth of this newly proclaimed all inclusive acceptance home Luke repeats it twice. Perhaps he wants to ensure that there’s no question, there’s no mistake and there’s no denying that the rules have changes and no one is excluded any longer from getting in on the goodness of our God!

  2. I often need to hear things twice, you could ask my mom. I think sometimes we need to hear it again for it to sink in.

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