Following Jesus Who’s Loose in the World

This Sunday we’ll be starting a short series to follow up on our study of the Gospel of Mark. When Mark finished, we were left with an open-ended command: Go and tell. Simple enough…but not that easy to carry out. We’re in a time and culture that isn’t all that open to historic Christianity; oftenContinue reading “Following Jesus Who’s Loose in the World”

The Gospel Ad Infinitum

So – this Sunday we’ll be coming to our last study in the Gospel of Mark – we’ll be reading chapter 16. For the last year in doing this study I’ve done digital paintings to accompany the teachings – and I thought I’d share my process with you for these. This is sped up byContinue reading “The Gospel Ad Infinitum”

The Curse Displayed and Cured

This Sunday we’ll be returning to our study in the gospel of Mark, we’ll be reading Mark 15:21-39. Ask almost any given Christian why Jesus died on the cross, and you’ll likely get a response of “Jesus died for my sins” – or something to that effect. That’s not a wrong answer – but I’d suggestContinue reading “The Curse Displayed and Cured”

Christmas is Around the Corner

  We’re going to take a break from our study in Mark, since it’s the last Sunday before Christmas. We’ll be reading Luke 1:25-38, and looking at the account of Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will carry the Messiah into the world. We’ll pay close attention to the details and see what encouragements weContinue reading “Christmas is Around the Corner”

Why Our Hope is in Jesus

We’ll be continuing our study in Mark this Sunday – we’ll be reading Mark 14:26-52. This is the account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane – but it is also another Markian Sandwich -Because Jesus’ warning to his disciples that they will abandon him and the account of them doing just that, brackets theContinue reading “Why Our Hope is in Jesus”