Libertas Ex Christo – A Study in Galatians

Hey Eastgate! Been a while since I’ve updated Wonderwhat – but since we’re starting a new series, I thought it would be good to fire this thing back up. We’re going to start a study in the book of Galatians. I realize that I’ve already taught Galatians – but I’ve learned a lot since thenContinue reading “Libertas Ex Christo – A Study in Galatians”

Job Wants a Lawyer

Hey Everyone – I’m trusting that you’re all hunkered down, staying safe and keeping others safe. This Sunday our meeting will be online only – you can watch on Facebook or Youtube. We’ll be continuing our study in Job, reading chapters 8-14. We’ll be reading an abridged version of all those chapters, but again, theContinue reading “Job Wants a Lawyer”

Job – an Introduction

This week we will begin a new study in the book of Job. How often have you suffered, or known someone who is suffering and the question that forms most readily is “why?”. Why is this happening? Why God? If there is a common issue that unifies those who can’t believe in God, it’s theContinue reading “Job – an Introduction”

Engaging a Secular Culture (Without Being a Jerk)

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our short series which considers practical ways in which we can fulfill what the angel told the women at the empty tomb; “Go and tell” this good news. We’re going to look at another example from the book of Acts, one I’ve taught on before, but which bears repeating. We’llContinue reading “Engaging a Secular Culture (Without Being a Jerk)”