The Suffering Servant

This Sunday we’ll be reading about the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate as we continue our study in Mark. We’ll be reading Mark 15:1-20. This is the moment when Jesus is confronted by the combined forces of broken religion, politics and social behavior. In a sort of perfect storm, as religion and politics vie […]

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What a Trial Reveals

Hey everyone! After taking a break over the holidays, we’re ready to get back into our study of the Gospel of Mark. This Sunday we’ll be reading Mark 14:53-72 – and the drama has really intensified. After being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is taken to the High Priest’s palace where he will […]

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Christmas is Around the Corner

  We’re going to take a break from our study in Mark, since it’s the last Sunday before Christmas. We’ll be reading Luke 1:25-38, and looking at the account of Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will carry the Messiah into the world. We’ll pay close attention to the details and see what encouragements we […]

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Why Our Hope is in Jesus

We’ll be continuing our study in Mark this Sunday – we’ll be reading Mark 14:26-52. This is the account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane – but it is also another Markian Sandwich -Because Jesus’ warning to his disciples that they will abandon him and the account of them doing just that, brackets the […]

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The Meal of Mission

It’s almost universal that important moments and significant occasions are marked by sharing a meal. We incorporate meals into our three main holidays here in the U.S. – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Superbowl Sunday. There’s just something inherent in us as humans that we commemorate things by sharing a common sustenance. That’s probably why God incorporated […]

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A Contrast of Loves

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. This Sunday we’ll be starting chapter 14 as we continue on in our study of the gospel of Mark. We’ll be reading the first 11 verses. This will be another Markian sandwich – where one event is tucked in between two other, connected events. In this case, it’s […]

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Assurances in the Finale

Every time I watch a fireworks show, I’m always gearing up for the finale, aren’t you? I love them – they are more dramatic and powerful than the whole rest of the show.  Jesus will has been talking about a finale of sorts, in the chapter we’re reading in our study of Mark. This Sunday […]

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Birth Pangs of a New World

I remember when Robbie was expecting our first child. We had prepared as much as possible and gone over again and again just what we’d do when she went into labor. I also remember that neither one of us ever referenced all of the stuff we tried to learn ahead of time when the actual […]

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Truth Triumphing Over Traps

This Sunday we’ll be reading Mark 12:13-34 as we continue our study through that gospel. We don’t know if this is the next day, or exactly when this fits into the time-line…but after Jesus has had his initial confrontation with the leaders of the temple, we then have this section where the religious elite try […]

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Whose Authority?

Well – the storm is still moving our way, but it looks like we may not be in for too much. That’s something to be grateful for. This Sunday we’ll be reading Mark 11:27-33. Jesus’ actions in the temple in the first part of the chapter has attracted all the wrong attention. He gets confronted […]

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