What it Means to Follow Christ

I had a friend who owned a 9’6″ longboard which had it’s origins somewhere in the early 70’s. The thing was a beast. Dark green and heavy, it caught waves really well but was a feat of strength to turn. It had no leash plug, not even an old fashioned hole in the fin toContinue reading “What it Means to Follow Christ”

The Right Kind of Sell-Out

Robert Kearns is the guy who invented the intermittent wiper blade.  He got shafted by the auto industry who basically stole his design, and had to go to court to sue for recompense and damages.  He won after many, many years of litigation.  They made a movie about it called “Flash of Genius”.  I sawContinue reading “The Right Kind of Sell-Out”

The Cost of Commitment

Last Wednesday we taught on Proverbs 5.  Several people expressed that it was helpful…and I just thought that if you weren’t able to be there…you might find it beneficial too.   You can listen to it here: Proverbs 5 This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 9:7-9, 18-27. The overall theme we find here is underscored byContinue reading “The Cost of Commitment”