The Cost of Commitment

Last Wednesday we taught on Proverbs 5.  Several people expressed that it was helpful…and I just thought that if you weren’t able to be there…you might find it beneficial too.   You can listen to it here: Proverbs 5

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 9:7-9, 18-27.

The overall theme we find here is underscored by the question, “who is Jesus?”  The answer to that question propels Jesus’ conversation with his disciples toward the reality check about what this will cost them to follow him.  Ultimately, that is the theme.  The cost of commitment to follow Christ.

How do you feel about Jesus’ command to “take up a cross” and follow him?  Imagine what that must’ve meant to those who grew up watching the Roman’s brutally execute people they’d known all their lives…how insensitive that must have sounded. What does his command mean to you?  How would you apply it to your own life circumstances?

Losing and finding are repeated themes in this section.  Losing our life to find life…what a strange line of reasoning.  How does that reasoning flow with the values of our present culture?  What do you believe Jesus meant by saying that?

This will be a challenging passage of Scripture to wrestle with.  So bring your wrestling shoes this Sunday and we’ll grapple with this thing together!

2 responses to “The Cost of Commitment”

  1. This continual paradox in scripture. To save your life…you must lose it. To truly be a leader…you must be a servant. To be first…you must be last. To master suffering & fear…you must embrace it. To be a king…you must be a slave. To have your sins paid for…someone else…someone sinless & innocent must pay it. To be rich…you must care not for money…but embrace the poor. You will know what to do…when you realize you don’t have a clue. And as Paul said…you will truly be at Strength…when you feel your weakest.

    None of it…absolutely none of it makes sense until you begin to live it…and then you realize…Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God…now I am beginning to understand!

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