The Power of Forgiveness

“As high as heaven is over the earth,    so strong is his love to those who fear him.And as far as sunrise is from sunset,    he has separated us from our sins. ” ~ Psalm 103 At the core of the Christian hope, there is the promise of forgiveness from God. Sometimes I wonder if we […]

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The Single Sacrifice

There are some things I have to do every day, day in and day out. Brushing my teeth is an example. But there are many, many more things that I have to attend to or practice every day. All of us have those. I can’t brush my teeth once and assume that they are now […]

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Facing Our Betrayer

Have you ever been deeply let down by someone in your life?  Ever felt betrayed and experienced the pain of that?  It’s as near a physical pain as any I think we could endure.  There’s something to our connection with fellow human beings that sort of gives us a sense of completion…and when that gets […]

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No Privatized Faith

Did you grow up in a family with siblings?  Did you ever disagree on anything with your brothers or sisters?  Ever get into an all-out brawl over anything?  If you were part of a family with siblings, and you answered no on any of the other questions, you are A) in total denial and unable […]

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