The Single Sacrifice

There are some things I have to do every day, day in and day out. Brushing my teeth is an example. But there are many, many more things that I have to attend to or practice every day. All of us have those. I can’t brush my teeth once and assume that they are now clean and that work is done. I wouldn’t have teeth for very long if I thought that way.

But what if we had a problem with our car and we took it to a mechanic to have it fixed. Then the next day we had the same exact car trouble, and took it back to the mechanic again. On the following day, it is the same thing. Day after day we keep returning to the mechanic to attend the same problem. What conclusion would we draw about this situation?

In our text this Sunday we’ll be reading Hebrews 10:1-18. In this section the writer will draw some hard contrasts between the repetitive nature of the temple/sacrificial system of the Old Covenant and the once for all time sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

Why does the writer say that the old system was inadequate?  What remedy did God have in mind for these annual sacrifices? What did those repetitive sacrifices actually remind people about themselves?

The writer explains the effects of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf in v14. To be made whole (perfected) and set apart as belonging to God (sanctified) is a powerful result for us to consider. How does being defined as belonging to God change your way of understanding yourself? Do you see that as a good thing or a negative thing, and why?

When the writer wraps up his case in v15-18 he repeats his quote of Jeremiah 31 where God was forecasting the kind of relationship he had in mind between himself and humanity. V 17-18 are powerful statements. What does not remember about you? What is it that is missing from you so that sacrifices are no longer necessary to perform? How does that affect your understanding of yourself and others?

How can we begin to live in a way that reveals our state of being forgiven and redeemed forever?

This is going to be an intriguing study – hope to see you this Sunday!

One thought on “The Single Sacrifice

  1. Well, I think if we kept returning to the same mechanic over and over and expecting a different result we would possibly be committed to the crazy house for not realizing it was a faulty mechanic…the old system never did anything in the hearts of the sinners, never brought wholeness or life to the individuals for whom the sacrifices were made. Instead it only reminded them of their faults, flaws and imperfections. Being sanctified, set apart and belonging to God through Christ’s sacrifice changes everything. Now our focus is turned from our sinfulness to our savior. We’ve gone from being a number to having a name. Before the priest performed a ritual sacrifice for the sins of all, now The priest has sacrificed His life for mine. Now it’s each one of us who can come to Him to receive not only forgiveness but relationship. We are called, chosen, and known by name. We matter and He remembers our iniquities no more…now he see’s his son in us which means our potential has been restored!! Possibly the best way to live revealing that we have been forgiven and redeemed forever is to emulate the very gift we’ve been given… Loving, forgiving and believing the best of our fellow travelers, seeing His potential in their lives! Sounds like a great New Years resolution to me!

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