Praying When We’re Tested

This Sunday we’re going to read about one of Jesus’ most famous prayers – as he prays in the Garden of Gethsemane. We’ll be reading Luke 22:39-46.

As you read this – what are your thoughts about Jesus’ emotional state? Compare this description of his agony to some of the ways Jesus is portrayed in movies or religious art. Are you able to connect with the humanity of Jesus?

Jesus struggled in prayer before facing the harrowing hours of the cross. He found his disciples sleeping, and he warned them that they too should be praying in order to avoid “entering into temptation“.  What does that mean to you? How does prayer defend us during times of trial, trouble or temptation?

Do you have a story of a time when communing with God kept you strong in the face of a difficult time? If you want to, share it in the comment section.

Don’t forget that small groups have started – don’t be shy or give in to isolation…get connected with one of these groups and allow yourself to grow in grace! You can find a list of groups here: small group flyers  (am I spelling “flyers” wrong?)

Discussion Group leaders: Here is the discussion guide for this week: leaders guide 22-39-46