Praying When We’re Tested

This Sunday we’re going to read about one of Jesus’ most famous prayers – as he prays in the Garden of Gethsemane. We’ll be reading Luke 22:39-46.

As you read this – what are your thoughts about Jesus’ emotional state? Compare this description of his agony to some of the ways Jesus is portrayed in movies or religious art. Are you able to connect with the humanity of Jesus?

Jesus struggled in prayer before facing the harrowing hours of the cross. He found his disciples sleeping, and he warned them that they too should be praying in order to avoid “entering into temptation“.  What does that mean to you? How does prayer defend us during times of trial, trouble or temptation?

Do you have a story of a time when communing with God kept you strong in the face of a difficult time? If you want to, share it in the comment section.

Don’t forget that small groups have started – don’t be shy or give in to isolation…get connected with one of these groups and allow yourself to grow in grace! You can find a list of groups here: small group flyers  (am I spelling “flyers” wrong?)

Discussion Group leaders: Here is the discussion guide for this week: leaders guide 22-39-46

5 responses to “Praying When We’re Tested”

  1. I love the humanity of Jesus. I think that is the first thing we forget about we when think of Him. We are so often told that our goal is to be like Jesus (ya know, WWJD, and whatnot) which is totally true, but we seem to only focus on the Godly part. We soften forget that Jesus was Human! Truly human! He probably got bored at times and twiddled his thumbs, had a favorite food, listened to his iPod….we should seek to be like Jesus without forgetting that it’s okay, and even our ultimate calling, to be fully human as well

  2. “soften” should be “so often”

  3. Jesus knows what is ahead of Him. Suffering, pain and then death. Jesus’s humanity, just like ours cries out that if this event can be changed please do it. I wonder if at that time he isn’t crying out for me because of all the wrong I have done and unfortunately will likely do before my death, and Jesus hears me say. “I don’t want the cheese, I just want out of the trap”.

    then suddenly his prayer changes to, “nevertheless, not My will, but Yours be done.” In the midddle of his suffering and humanity, he finally surrenders to the will of the one He is certain loves him. The one He knows will protect him during times of trouble and suffering and yes even death. In strenghting the disciples from Act 14, Pauls tells them that “we must through many tribulations enter the Kingdom of God”.

    A friend once told me that you may not be ready for the will of God until you don’t care what it is. I hope and pray everyday that I never even think of what it is, but only thankfully accept it for what it is—–Grace

  4. When you are so troubled and your heart is breaking you get on your knees and pray with all the strength you have in you for God to take the burden from you. You ask that his will be done.
    And then in the back of your head you wonder is God’s will the same as mine, and you cringe just a little bit. Trusting in God completely is not as easy as just saying it but Jesus was able to do just that. The disciples and us maybe not so much. But we have to keep on trying.

  5. To me these verses remind me of surrendering to God’s will. I am very strong willed and have always been that way, so it is very difficult to let go of my will and ask for God’s will to be done in my life. It is a daily struggle for me but when I read the Serenity Prayer, not the short version, but the long verson, this prayer really puts things into perspective for me. It is not all about me. It is about Christ. I am so blessed to just be a part of his world.
    It was great to hear this teaching that Jesus likes me, even when I am a stubborn, headstrong, disobedient child. He likes me and he loves me! How can I respond? This humbles me to see how I don’t deserve this friendship and love but he gives it to me even when I don’t respond with love in return. I don’t understand because I am human. I can trust him because he is God and he did what I am unable to do.

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