This Sunday: Mark 11:1-11

Triumphal entry

So, I’m thinking through ways in which we can be more interactive and engaged in the texts we study on Sunday mornings.  I’m wondering if this blog can be used as a means of achieving those goals as well.

This Sunday, we’re going to continue our study in Mark, and we’ll be starting chapter 11, and we’ll examine the first 11 verses. (Click the link to the left to read the passage at Bible Gateway.  Try reading it in several translations- NIV, NKJ, The Message, etc.)  Let me offer a few thoughts and questions, and maybe we can even get a discussion going in the comments section (if not, no worries, we’re just trying things out here)…all in preparation for corporately examining this passage on Sunday morning.

The whole text is significant in terms of identifying whoJesus is, and what role He has come to fulfill.  As Jesus first arrives in Jerusalem, He is received with great fanfare, and He is in effect, being declared a “king”.  Who is it that is making this declaration?

Within a week, Jesus will be arrested, and the charges brought against Him will be directly related to this very event.  What will Jesus be accused of before the Romans?

In our country, we have very little use for monarchies and kings – why is that?  Does that have any influence on our perception of Jesus as a King?  If we are part of the kingdom of God, what does that mean?  How is Jesus your King? 

What kind of King does Jesus appear to be in this passage?  What things seem evident from the events as they’re described?

Ok.  That’s it.  Let’s see if this works.