This Sunday: Mark 11:1-11

Triumphal entry

So, I’m thinking through ways in which we can be more interactive and engaged in the texts we study on Sunday mornings.  I’m wondering if this blog can be used as a means of achieving those goals as well.

This Sunday, we’re going to continue our study in Mark, and we’ll be starting chapter 11, and we’ll examine the first 11 verses. (Click the link to the left to read the passage at Bible Gateway.  Try reading it in several translations- NIV, NKJ, The Message, etc.)  Let me offer a few thoughts and questions, and maybe we can even get a discussion going in the comments section (if not, no worries, we’re just trying things out here)…all in preparation for corporately examining this passage on Sunday morning.

The whole text is significant in terms of identifying whoJesus is, and what role He has come to fulfill.  As Jesus first arrives in Jerusalem, He is received with great fanfare, and He is in effect, being declared a “king”.  Who is it that is making this declaration?

Within a week, Jesus will be arrested, and the charges brought against Him will be directly related to this very event.  What will Jesus be accused of before the Romans?

In our country, we have very little use for monarchies and kings – why is that?  Does that have any influence on our perception of Jesus as a King?  If we are part of the kingdom of God, what does that mean?  How is Jesus your King? 

What kind of King does Jesus appear to be in this passage?  What things seem evident from the events as they’re described?

Ok.  That’s it.  Let’s see if this works.

8 thoughts on “This Sunday: Mark 11:1-11

  1. Wow! These are great questions… really make you think deeply.

    Jesus was so HUMBLE by riding on a colt which had never been ridden, but so BRAVE at the same time by anouncing Himself KING, knowing what the outcome would be.

    Jesus declared Himself King which was considered blasphemy by the Jewish leaders. The Jews and the Romans were afraid of losing their “positions of power” because Jesus claimed to have authority over the leaders of both the Jews and the Romans.

    Jesus is definitely my HERO. I belong to Him. Words can hardly describe the JOY he has given me. He has bought me with a price and I will praise and bless Him forever in His Kingdom!

  2. Thanks for commenting Golda! I agree with your assesment…Jesus showed Himself to be a humble yet brave King! He’s certainly a Hero to me as well!

  3. The verse that really interested me was verse 11. Mark tells us that Jesus went to the temple, he looked around, no one was there, it was late so he left.

    What was Jesus doing? What was he thinking?

    Some commentaries suggest that he went to prepare for the following days table flipping and cleansing. I can see that. I wonder if he might have been looking over the battlefield (if you will) before the battle started.

    Luke’s account talks of him weeping over the city prior to his arrival, maybe this was a continuation of that event. Maybe he was engaged in bit of human, “if only” thinking.

    Perhaps he was taking a moment to be alone with his father, in his father’s house, considering what would transpire over the next few days.

    I don’t know, but when reading it seemed odd to me that Mark would include this bit of info.

  4. John…I know what you mean about that being an interesting and almost puzzling detail. It almost feels a little anti-climactic to me…like we’re building to something that doesn’t quite happen. That’s where I like your “surveying the battlefield” analogy.

    Great thoughts!

  5. I’m very excited about this platform. I enjoy engaging in thought and conversation about what God puts on our hearts through His Word. I’ve lots of notes, but haven’t had a moment to organize my thoughts…hope to have some comprehensible dialog before Sunday service. I’ve not the gift for rapid response…wish I did.

    Thanks for putting this out there, Rob. Looking forward to seeing what path this takes.


  6. Not surprisingly, I still found no time to organize my thoughts, so I’m throwing them out here as is:

    It takes a quiet gentleness to even approach an “unbridled” animal, much less ride upon it; Christ masters our unbridled hearts with His quiet gentleness.

    When Christ asks of us, our response of faith should be w/eager willingness to give of it…’with all readiness, cheerfulness and w/out hesitation. (A definite goal to aim for, huh?) The disciples Christ sent to gather the colt must have thought, ‘we’re gonna be shot for horse-thieves.’ Being the colt was tied in the middle of ‘town square’ and the town was probably more populated due to incoming for the Passover celebrations, this was not a deed to be done w/o notice. But the disciples did not deviate from the Lord’s request; their faith displayed.

    Garments…more later.

    I wonder if those shouting “Hosanna” were the same that later shouted “Crucify him”? when they saw that Jesus did not fit their idea of a Messiah. When he did not overtake the city/ the government at first sign of rebuke or accusation. Do we behave this way when Christ doesn’t answer our prayers or at the first sign of trouble in our Christian life? When He doesn’t do as we prescribe He should do? When He doesn’t fit our image of a King?

    Maybe he left the temple and city to keep from fulfilling the crowds suspicion He was come to overthrow the ruling government and set Himself up as temporal king. Not believing Him to truly be the eternal King.

  7. Very Cool all the comments. my thoughts go to the Christmas carol, “Oh Holy Night”. I believe the angels were singing when Christ was on the donkey but no one heard them. Immersed in worldly things, watching the show, the people could not hear them. I believe the angels are always singing that Christ is the Lord! We need to listen and observe. How cool to thing of Christmas in April.

    O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining.
    It is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth.
    Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
    Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth.
    A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
    For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
    Fall on your knees! Oh hear the angel voices!
    Oh night divine! Oh night when Christ was born!
    Oh night divine! Oh night! Oh night divine!

    Chains shall he break for the slave is our brother,
    and in his name all oppression shall cease.
    Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we;
    Let all within us praise his holy name.
    Christ is the Lord, that ever, ever praise we.
    Noel! Noel! Oh night;oh night divine!
    Noel! Noel! Oh night; oh night divine!
    Noel! Noel! Oh night; oh night divine!

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