God Works With the Unqualified

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 1:26-38, as we continue the story of Jesus as told by Luke’s gospel. As you read that story, what do you see as similarities and differences between the story of Zachariah and that of Mary?  How do you see yourself in this account?  Isn’t it interesting that God chose to work inContinue reading “God Works With the Unqualified”

Backstory; Birth of John the Baptist

Have you ever had a major disappointment in life?  Have you ever asked God to intervene, only to feel like heaven was shut up and silent?  In the next section we will read, we’ll be introduced to a couple who went through that very thing.  We’ll be looking at Luke 1:5-25 this Sunday.  By theContinue reading “Backstory; Birth of John the Baptist”