A Pirate’s Keyboard

Ok…so they have a keyboard ergonomically designed for pirates now. 


Ninjas need not fear, because they have one designed for them as well.


Uh…no, they’re not real. But they are funny.  Why?  Well, because of course, ninjas hate pirates.  Beyond that, I like this concept.


I like it that a pirate knows who he is, and has no use for things that don’t pertain to who he is.  Extraneous issues like “J”, “K”, “L” or “;” have no place on his keyboard.  All he needs is “RRRRRRRRRRRRR” and “!” with a hot key for “avast!”.


Ninjas live on an even narrower plane of existence.  One button, one kill.  I suppose my personal make-up is more collaborative with a pirate.  I feel I’m a little more complicated than a ninja….but the simplicity of both keyboards intrigues me.


It makes me think of the Bible. (“Doesn’t everything make you think of the Bible?”  “No.  Well…maybe, I don’t know.  Stay out of this!”)


Paul said when he came to Corinth, he was determined to know only one thing.  One thing summed up his identity.  Sure there were lots of other things about his life, peripheral keys that could be touched if he felt like it.  Paul, like a pirate, knew who he was, and had little use for a lot of other keys.

Paul’s keyboard may have looked like this:


Jesus Christ and Him crucified made up his core identity.

“But Paul, don’t you care about evolution vs. intelligent design?  Don’t you care about political scandals?”

“Maybe…but its not on my keyboard, so I don’t have a lot of use for it.” 

There is something to be said for stripping things down to core essentials.  I like Paul’s essentials.  Short, easy words whose depths can never be fully known. 

Jesus.  The closeness of that name.  God with human name.  The forever God-Man who touches my frailty, shares it with me, adding His infinite strength. 

Christ.  The Hero King.  The Rescuer.  Aragorn, Braveheart, Arthur, Superman…who only have meaning because they mirror Him. 

Crucified.  Love so unspeakable it had to be acted out in blood and agony.  The result of a world gone wrong, yet the course for a world made new.  

I can see why this was Paul’s obsession.  The depth of these simple words stir something deep in me.  It’s a good keyboard design. What do you think of as you ponder those words?  Jesus Christ, and him crucified.  What stirs in you, what do you feel?  Could that ever be the sum of your keyboard?

2 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Keyboard

  1. Good morning guys! These are great! What stirs in me when I ponder these words is love, appreciation, and a general feeling of being complete.

    The sum of my keyboard question sends me spinning.

  2. My ‘old’ keyboard was cluttered. It had alot of crap on it like loser, never-good-enough, give-up and fear just to name a few. But like Paul I was given a new keyboard mine was also given to me by the same person. Mine has one huge button that simply says “LOVE”. Seeing how it came from Love himself, I like to think it says all.

    Great post and site you guys! Really enjoy coming here and hearing from your collective thoughts.

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