Purpose Revealed in the Patterns

Hey Eastgate – this Sunday we’ll be celebrating the communion of the bread and cup – so if you are watching online, you’ll want to have some symbol of sustenance ready, like bread or wine or whatever is available to you. I guarantee it will be better than what we’ll be using in the inContinue reading “Purpose Revealed in the Patterns”

The Purpose in the Promise

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our study in the letter to the Galatians. We’ll also take some time to pray for the people out west who are suffering through those fires, pray for the people of Louisiana who are recovering from and facing another storm. And we’ll pray for our own county since we areContinue reading “The Purpose in the Promise”

A New Way to Read an Old Story

There are a lot of things happening in our world – natural disasters as well as the crisis of racism and its resultant disasters, all wrapped in the arms of a global pandemic. I know it’s difficult to navigate these troubled waters, but I know that time spent reading The Book will not be wastedContinue reading “A New Way to Read an Old Story”

The Detour and the Destination

We’ll be continuing our study in the book of Galatians this Sunday – reading vs 6-14 of chapter 3. Paul moved from telling his own story to reminding the Galatians of their own story, to now reciting the larger story of God’s covenant people. He goes back to the very beginning – to Abraham himself,Continue reading “The Detour and the Destination”

The Power to Change

This Sunday, as we are able to gather together to learn the skills needed to attend to the mission the Gospel calls us to, we’ll be reading Galatians 3:1-5. Paul continues expressing his dismay at the Galatian church for allowing themselves to be intimidated into submitting to the Law of Moses. He frames his argumentContinue reading “The Power to Change”

Promoting the Grace of God

We’re having our first in-person meeting at the Eastgate building since March! We’ll still be streaming live on Facebook and YouTube for those who can’t be there. We also don’t want to forget the important message we considered last week – about our goal to be an unshakable church in this world. We still wantContinue reading “Promoting the Grace of God”

Keys to Unity in Diversity

Hey Eastgate – we’re going to continue our study in Galatians this Sunday – and we’ll be reading Galatians 2:1-10. This section is still part of Paul’s autobiographical statements made in defense of the gospel he preached to the gentiles. One of the major emphasis’ of Paul’s letters is about unity. We have such aContinue reading “Keys to Unity in Diversity”

The Difference Christ Makes

Hey Eastgate – I trust everyone is staying safe. We had a great time last Thursday partnering with A Hand Up ministry and Truth Fellowship for a pop-up food pantry distribution. A lot of people were helped, and God was glorified. We’ll hopefully be doing that again sometime, it was a deeply edifying experience…despite theContinue reading “The Difference Christ Makes”