The Trumpet Section

This week we’ll be reading two chapters in Revelation – chapters 8-9 – as we continue on our journey through this book. There is a dense amount of imagery in this section dealing with another set of 7 events. We’ll be reading about the seven trumpet judgments that come on the earth. As we’ve said […]

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Sealed and Secured

Many commentators view Revelation 7 as the most comforting and encouraging vision of the entire book. That is the section we’ll be reading this Sunday as we continue our series through these famous last words. The vision starts rather oddly, with four angels holding back what appear to be destructive winds from scorching the earth. […]

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The Crisis of Resistance

Shoot! I’m really late posting this – and I’m limited on time. So…just quickly, we’re going to be reading Revelation chapter 6 this Sunday. The first 6 seals of the scroll will be opened and we’ll look at the conditions of this broken world that are the result of God’s kingdom breaking in. Also…you’ll get […]

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All Things Visible and Invisible

It was  Girolamo Fracastoro, in 1546, who insisted that there was an unseen force in our world that had a profound effect on our physical health. At first, people thought his views were preposterous – but by the late 1800’s, thanks to Louis Pasteur, it had become clear that micro-organisms, or germs, were behind diseases […]

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Enduring in a Hazardous World (2)

This Sunday we’ll be continuing through the letters to the seven churches in our study of the book of Revelation. We’ll be reading chapter 2:12-29, where the cities of Pergamum and Thyatira will be the recipients. Jesus follows the same pattern: commendation, correction, warning and promise. We’ve been considering Jesus’ corrections for the churches to […]

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Enduring in a Hazardous World

Man…what a year 2017 has been! We’re on track to break records for the magnitude and frequency of natural disasters this year. USA today says we’ve already tied the record for billion dollar disasters. It is reasonable that people are wondering about the end of the world. I’ve been asked multiple times if I think […]

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