It’s all About Who Holds the Hand

 Rob Woodrum

He wasn’t really walking as much as he was dancing.  Dressed in a blue Power Rangers sweatshirt, he cavorted in front of the line of cars in the Wal Mart parking lot. 

I had to stop for him.  I watched with rapt fascination as he moved to a position that was more in line with my vehicle’s projected path than he had been  before, for the sole purpose of stomping through a puddle of rain water.  Was he Godzilla, smashing a town?  What images were conjured in his mind as water dropplets hurled from either side of his foot?  Another car came to a stop behind mine.

A strong hand pulled on the little boy’s left hand, and he literally soared away from the puddle, back into a position which provided more safety than his previous one.  Out from the path of the waiting cars, off to the side of his parent.  He tilted back his head, all buzz-cut and freckles, and let loose a laugh from the ride.

I didn’t move until they were safely inside, and I could virtually feel the impatience of the driver behind me.  I had to wait…let it soak in.  Lessons like that are important.  He was not in a safe place…nothing safe about a sea of cars laden with consumers.  Danger rolled on each side of him, in front and behind him, but he was calm.  He was dancing.  It’s all about who holds the hand.  For that little man, nothing around him posed a threat, because he knew his mom was there, holding his hand, guiding him to safety.

There was shopping to do, there were cars to park, but I was caught up in a little angel’s jig.

There are a lot of things facing me…facing us….that could threaten, and frighten us.  Bewildering things like church growth and responsibilities…mysterious things like illness and death.  I want to be like that angel in blue.  I want to joy in the journey like he did.  I want to trust that the One who’s holding my hand is good, and have confidence that He will guide us all through. 

The problem is, it’s easier to write about it than live it out.  Well…maybe not for you, but it’s that way for me.

Published by Rob Woodrum

I serve as a pastor among the people of Eastgate Christian Fellowship in Panama City Beach, Florida. I'm not very good at it, but it's what God has called me to I do.

4 thoughts on “It’s all About Who Holds the Hand

  1. There is a scene in a older movie called “Parenthood” that this reminds me of. Steve Martin had just been told by his wife that life is a rollercoster filled with highs and lows.She was trying to tell him to enjoy the ride. It was while he is watching his children on a stage destroying the set that he begins to let it sink in. I really feel that some days we get so caught up in everyday events that we forget who is behind the controls of our rollercoster. Your Story was great! thank you for sharing it!

  2. Wonderful story! What beautiful beings children are! I could just picture in my mind the little boy in this picture, and could just feel his smile. Kids are so very precious, and we as adults could often learn a lot from them, they are not stifled by deadlines and whatever, they do take the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures, such as butterflies, and puddles! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. We pray for God to reveal himself to us, to reveal his ways and his truth. We are supposed to have child like faith. How many times has God tried to show me such a lesson and I was to busy to notice? How many times have I been driving the car behind you and blew the horn? Thanks for being faithful and teaching us to watch and listen as God speaks to us all. Thanks for listening to God instead of the horns blowing.

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