67109527_f967441f23_mWhile working on a sermon awhile back I was once again struck at the awesome love of God. I am floored at how God chose to extend His loving hand toward us, his broken children. It’s an easy equation really. One that shouldn’t require much discussion. God loves us like crazy, Sends Jesus to show His great love, Jesus is a perfect example, and then we are told to love like Jesus. Pretty simple right? WRONG! There is nothing easy about love, and right when you think you have it all locked down Jesus throws in ‘Love your enemies’! The wonderful thing is though, we do have His example. Without it Love would have no definition.

When have you felt his daddy arms around you?

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  1. It’s seems this doesn’t require much discussion, huh? 😉

    It seems to me there are 2 issues in your blog. In answer to your question though- Other than those obvious moments like when my mother passed away, I would have to say I feel ‘his daddy arms’ around me when I am alone with Him. A deserted beach walk on a clear fall day, a pink-champagne-marmalade sunrise because something stirred me up to early, watching ‘Shirley the squirrel’ eat the peanuts I leave for her on my back porch. It’s in moments like that I realize the majesty of my God, and spiritually see the personal care He takes in all that He creates. Like an artist, He puts His heart and soul into His masterpiece(s) and sets it before us for our pleasure. That’s my daddy!!!

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