The Future

Student ministry is a funny beast.  It’s a group of people that range in age from children to adults.  So, as you would expect there is a wide range of drama that goes with working within thit ministry.  It is inevitable that someone broke up with someone else or he has a crush on her, […]

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New Youth Site

The youth of Eastgate, better known as Crash, have a brand new website and it rocks!  You might be wondering why in the world this would be Wonderwhat post worthy?  Well, I am glad you asked! Some of you lovely readers are parents of high school students or students who are soon to be in […]

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New Book Club Book!

We are excited to announce the return of the Wonderwhat Book Club! For those of you who are new readers, you might not even have known we had a book club, but alas me scallywags, we do! To find out more click on the “Book Club” button in the navigation bar above.

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Drop Some Pics!

Calling all Eastgate shooters, cameramen (and women) and children of all ages!! We want your PHOTO’s! We have just set up a flickr group where you can jump in, join and upload your Eastgate related photo’s. We love to see all your smiling faces so please show us what you shot. There are no rules […]

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The Net: Good vs. Evil Part 1

Not long ago the height of church technology was some glass and a light bulb affectionately known as an overhead projector. Services weren’t centered around multi media, electric guitars or video clips, they were centered around Jesus. They were centered around Jesus but dang were they boring! I vividly remember sitting on a hard wooden […]

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Hope Is Rampant

My heart has always been with the oppressed, the rejected, the easily dismissed. I believe it is where God is and I truly believe we could all see Him more clearly if we were able to get our hands dirty. At the latter part of last year I read an article on my friend Darla’s […]

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Grace for Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker is a good man, there I said it. Yeah, he had the whole PTL scandal and I am not excusing his actions but when people are face to face with grace it changes them. This is the very thing that happened to Jim Bakker. If you remember anything about the late 80’s you […]

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Book Club INFO

Hello all you Wonderwhaters! We finished up Brennan Mannings “Ragamuffin Gospel” and Monday we will be starting our new book “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell.  I hope you will all swing by Books A Million and pick up a copy!  Click the “BOOK CLUB” link in the navigation bar above to check out the suggested […]

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