100255856_0941538d88_mThe facts are these.  1. Our purpose is to love God + 2. Our purpose is to love others.  Everything else that comes with our faith are just details.  You may be a Christian who chooses to live in the details or you may decide your life is better spent just trying to master the first two purposes.   If your like me loving others ‘as much as I love myself’ is about as difficult a task as they come.  I believe that God knew how difficult it would be for us to love each other, but He also knew that His beautiful sacrifice would be the example that would stir men’s hearts to action.  His love for me, the King of the unlovely, has stirred my heart.  It is now my hearts great desire to love those that the world deems unworthy, unspecial, and unlovely.  Today I was able to speak to the ministries director at the Panama City Rescue Mission about having our youth ministry help with some of the programs that they are providing.  I pray that the youth of Eastgate will see through clear eyes the love that God saw when He looked down at us from His heavenly perch.

2 responses to “Unlovely”

  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I pray your prayers will be answered. God bless.

  2. Dustin, my heart is so touched by your desire to show the youth of this day, who live in a world of labels and clicks, that the same God created great and small. To counteract the world view by teaching the importance of loving not just that which is visually beautiful, but to find the beauty in all creation.
    My mother was the greatest example of Christ’s love for the unlovely. There wasn’t a wanderer that didn’t land at our dinner table, wash their bodies in our tubs, put on a new set of hand-me-downs and have the love of God laid upon them before they departed.
    Through the years fear has become [my] the divider. So many stories in the news makes one fearful to physically reach out to strangers. I hate that!!! I am so encouraged by your desire. (maybe some of us ‘old youths’ can get involved as well??) I pray great blessings for you and our youth and those that will be touched by God’s love.

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