More on being real.

  I was planning a part 2 for my last post but this has been on my heart this week so Ill be getting to the other later on.  I am part of a weekly Bible study where we go through the Word discussing and sharing with each other as we go. I just need […]

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What do I do now?

 Lately I have been thinking more and more about my dependence on God. I know that as Christians we find our purpose and meaning in serving and living for God and others. Knowing this is my purpose I have made an effort to live that out in my daily life and have been blessed in […]

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House of Prayer

In Matthew 21:13 Jesus says “my house shall be called a house of prayer”. During his ministry on earth Jesus stressed a great deal of emphasis on prayer. He taught the importance thru words, like when he taught the disciples how to pray in Matthew 6 and in actions when He was often seen praying […]

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Our perception of God.

 Perhaps one the most destructive forces working against us in our relationship with God is a misinterpretation of scripture leading to a misunderstanding of who God is and who we are in Him. Our understanding of who God is and how He sees us shapes our lives dramatically. Just imagine for a minute that walking […]

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  Usually one of the first things a person will ask me when they find out I am a follower of Christ is whether or not some activity they are involved in is considered a sin. My answer for that is that for each person it’s different. Some things we know are just out and […]

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An interesting article caught my attention yesterday about whether or not women should work outside the home. It’s an article written by John Macarthur that’s published in Pulpit magazine. He opens the article stating that it is a decision that the husband and wife must make on a Biblical basis together allowing the Holy Spirit […]



  Recently I was talking with a friend of mine who told me a story I would like to share. This friend of mine is active in a ministry that takes him around the country and the world in his travels. Because he is always traveling he lives out of a combination of suitcases and […]

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I like monuments

      Usually the first thing I think of when someone announces that they have seen the likeness of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in something is, what do they base the resemblance on? There are for sure no pictures of them in the Bible and the pictures in all the history books are only […]

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Sacrifice Simplified

 In the dark days of Israel before the time of Christ, the law called for a sacrifice to atone for ones sins. I get the idea from scripture that the right thing to do was with a good and giving heart bring God your best and offer it to Him at the Temple in Jerusalem. […]

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On Purpose

 We are coming to the end of a study I have been participating in centered on the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It really is a great book and has some wonderful insights into the journey a follower of Jesus is on. There have been a few things that I find myself […]

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