Rocky Gets Saved?

180x150Hollywood has been pimping people for a hundred years. They have chewed up and spit out hundreds of thousands of wanna be actors and actresses and then wiped the corners of their collective mouths and let slip a satisfying burp.

Now they are ready to pimp the church.

You see it’s the job of film execs to make sure that a film will be well received by the public. They want sex, and they want violence because that is what sells! There has never been a consorted effort to advertise to ‘Christians’ because the truth is, Jesus lovers all over the world sit in movie theaters chalk full of scenes we are supposed to abstain from just like everybody else … so why advertise to us any differently? Enter Mel Gibson and the The Passion of the Christ, and everything changed.

Exec on Rocky: “I want to pimp the Christians, and make them put our banners on all of their blogs and websites, but how do we go about that?”

Marketing Guy: “Just add one line about faith and they will jump all over it”


It’s not that I am not excited about this movie coming out … I am, as a matter of fact I almost got into a fist fight earlier in the week when a friend of mine started making fun of Sylvester’s age, but c’mon. You can’t add some clever tag line and think we will jump all over it, oh wait yes they can, and yes we will. CRAP .. I want to be Buddhist.

(disclaimer: Rocky execs: I am sure you didn’t use the word pimp | Everyone else: please remember this is my knee jerk reaction. I will be back, at some time in the future, (probably after seeing the film) and I will bust out my thought out, prayed about thoughts.)

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