I Heart Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. My favorite is the classic Christmas flick. Last night I watched “A Christmas Story” with about 35 teenagers and it was apparent that many of them had never seen the film before. The laughter was uproarious as Ralphy gets his mouth washed out with soap for yelling an unmentionable and when the kid screams in horror as his tongue gets stuck to the pole the youth went nuts. Good times, good times.

To be honest, it’s not really the movies I love or the tree’s or even the food. It’s the memories. It’s the laughter, it’s the lightheartedness that goes hand and hand with the holiday season. Christmas is one of the few fond memories I have of childhood, but I can recount in detail the one Christmas when I got every G.I. Joe that I asked for or the Thanksgiving when we lost power and ate cold mashed taters and I sat on my Grandpa’s lap while we all sang Christmas songs in the dark.

You may think you need that new diamond necklace or that new socket set this Christmas, but you don’t. You can live without them, but imagine what it would be like to have to live without memories. Those wonderful Christmas reminders that bring you back to kid-land where it’s OK to make snow angels in your Sunday best and there is no such thing as eating too many sweets.

I hope and pray that you have a wondeful Christmas filled with memories from your past and new adventures that will be memories in your future.

2 responses to “I Heart Christmas”

  1. Right On D!

    I can remember about two Christams’ where I got some really cool toy (the Johnny Eagle repeating rifle, or my first used car [augmented by my entire personal savings account]); but my siblings and I can go on and on about the years and memories and laughter and tragedies…

    That’s real…that’s family…that’s love…that’s Christmas!

  2. I heart Christmas! Oh I just heart that!!! It’s so true! I’m experiencing my first Christmas without my Summer Rose. I cried for two weeks straight. BUT THEN, as I prayed begging God to help me get over it, all of a sudden right before my eyes the wonder of Christmas began to fall all over me! Sean and I are also Christmas junkies. We both become like little gleeful kids. We transformed the house into Christmas wonderland! As we lost most of our personal belongings a few months ago due to toxic mold that included our Christmas tree and all decorations. Very depressing when I realized it Thanksgiving weekend. My very generious boss wheeled in a 7.5 ft. pre lit beauty to send home with me one day! Oh my gosh I’m still giddy over it. We are making brand new wonderful memories in our new unmoldy home!!!! Our family tradition is watching, Christmas Vacation. It will just be Sean and me this year but Sums is going to call us and put on speaker phone while she and Matt watch it in Connecticut!!!!! 🙂 New memories!!

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