I like monuments


  Usually the first thing I think of when someone announces that they have seen the likeness of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in something is, what do they base the resemblance on? There are for sure no pictures of them in the Bible and the pictures in all the history books are only drawings. Are they basing the resemblance on those yard statues? Maybe it’s based on some visionary artwork by DaVinci or something. I am not even going to get into the whole graven image thing. The thought of that makes me tired and queasy.

  The reason I am wondering about this stuff is because it’s happened again. The likeness of the Virgin Mary has been found in a glob of chocolate. The worker of a candy factory spotted the sugary glob at the end of the mixing vats spout.

 “ Its an absolute miracle “ says Jacinto Santacruz, the women who discovered the 2.5 inch statue.

  She has now constructed a shrine to house the miniature Mary and the faithful are making the pilgrimage to come worship and adore it.


   At this point I would like to thank God for not revealing Himself to me in food. Chances are I would overlook the message God was sending as I hurriedly gobbled it down. I would also like to thank Him for not revealing Himself in things I would have to build shrines for. I don’t like shrines. To me the idea of a shrine conjures up images of something that has to be cared for. It has to be brought flowers and dusted and maybe I would have to burn some incense on it or something. It seems fragile and would easily be knocked over in a storm or destroyed by the invading enemies fiery ray guns.


   I like monuments. Monuments tell a story. They are strong and durable. I especially like the monuments God has constructed to Himself in my mind and in my heart. The times He revealed Himself to me through answered prayer. The times He showed me His love when I didn’t deserve it. The times He faithfully guided me when I was lost. These monuments weather storms, the raging sea cant harm them. I visit them often and when the enemy comes with his fiery ray guns I usually hide behind them. The monuments seem to threaten him and his attacks don’t hurt as bad. There are times when my faith wavers or the events in my life are confusing and I visit them. The monuments tell a story, and the story goes something like this;


There is God, He is in control, He is good and He loves me.

  I like monuments.

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