An interesting article caught my attention yesterday about whether or not women should work outside the home. It’s an article written by John Macarthur that’s published in Pulpit magazine. He opens the article stating that it is a decision that the husband and wife must make on a Biblical basis together allowing the Holy Spirit to lead in their particular situation. Ok well that sounds good enough, but then he goes on to put together pieces of Scripture to lead us into his idea as to how this should be decided. The scripture references he uses I believe are taken a bit out of context too. The verses from Titus, I always thought were written by Paul to Titus instructing him on selection and duties of church elders. The idea I get from verses 4&5 is that women elders in the church are to guide younger women and teach them the skills required to care for her family and maintain a household. I don’t think it has anything to say at all about whether or not a women should work outside the home. He then sights a verse from the virtuous women in Proverbs 31 but leaves out a very key verse identifying the women as an entrepreneur, (Proverbs 31:24). Can you find the other out of context scripture references he uses? Here’s link to the article below.

  What is your opinion? Is it wise from a Biblical perspective for women to work outside the home?

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