13 thoughts on “How Old?

  1. Maybe this is a question with an easy answer. At least for me it is:

    I believe God can change the laws of physics at will. I believe God has control at will of time, space, energy and matter. Duh, that’s why He’s God. (no disrespect intended)

    Interestingly enough, the realization that the laws of physics can change has made life confusing for some.


    Of course, none of that is important. I believe you are correct about what is important. Jesus provides the answers for us. Thank you.

  2. The format is awesome, and for someone who is on the road–and therefore missing my Eastgate family profoundly–a wonderful blessing. I love it that you, as always, keep Jesus and His love at the center of all, and have the intellectual and spiritual honesty to admit that maybe there are just some issues we may not find the answers to–at least not in this dispensation.

  3. Really love the sketchcast format. I love that in all of your answers the simpleness of the gospel comes through. Love and relationships. Can’t wait till the next one.

  4. There is a good source of information on this (more general) subject. A school science teacher in Pensacola, who believes in creationism and is a Christian, finds our children’s school material full of lies on this subject and evolution in general. He is a passionate guy who has used this question as a source for ministry work. He has a creation-based museum in Pensacola and about a year ago he was put in jail (here in the USA!) for this ministry over church and state laws (percussion?). Many scholars and scientists do not like him because he challenges this subject greatly and has an enormous fact-base list that will shut down most scientists — including the best of the best Dr. and Professors in our colleges and universities. His name is Kenneth Hovind and he is found at http://www.drdino.com/…. I agree with Rob, this stuff sidetracks us and gets our attention focused elsewhere, but I think God is using this man to undercut some of the lost souls out there and help us find this topic is not slanted their way! Dr Hovind has DVD resources for all ages on the subject. He wants the info available to everyone. I have a set, I would offer to anyone to use for more educational info on this and it will help you with your children to heighten awareness of the mis-truth’s they are taught as fact in our schools!

  5. In John 2 Jesus turned water to wine. He didn’t turn water to grape juice and say “wait a few months till it ferments”, no, he created something that already had age. Thus the dilemma is really not a dilemma at all and the Bible is still Truth – the earth can be 100 million years old but was created 6000 years ago.

  6. Evasive answer and redirection to the easy. That is why I left the faith, there are to many contradictory point in the bible. I will stop here, I don’t want to be rude.

  7. Hi Mike,
    Sorry to read you left the faith. I don’t believe it. You might have left the flock so you think or you might just be checkin out the thorn bushes seeing if the master really sees if you are lost.

    Me , I’m just another sheep sayin hey brother, know what it feels like some times but its ok.

    And thanks for leaving a nice comment. I don’t think its a bad thing to put some doubts or worries on the bulletin board, no doubt if you write something offensive it would be moderated as in any board.

    A generation ago, the collective wisdom of mankind could not contemplate the million year event. Now we look in the sky with instruments and testify to the billion year universe.

    When our grandparents were young the time was measured at best in the tenth of seconds. Now we measure time routinely in the billionths of seconds. Yet as our view of the universe in the last one hundred years has increased a thousand fold or more, you might see how small it is in comparison to what is possible.

    God exists in our world beyond the limits of our understanding.

    God Bless you

  8. er uh …. if there was a report to the webmaster button i would ask him to correct a typo in the second to last paragraph of my previous comment and remove ” Ga school” and replace it with “what is possible”. Either my computer or mind was contaminated by sports news of the day. My apologies.

    God Bless.

    [Done and done – rob]

  9. Mike: I applaud both your honesty and your politeness. I can see how Rob’s answers may seem evasive. But the truth is we are not people who believe in God first through scientific or tacit proof of any sort – additionally, these would act counter to our need for faith. So it is therefore unnecessary to try to prove through these means what we already believe.

    Also, the field of science – as Tom deftly noted – is constantly changing its own answers. We’d be fools to put stock in any scientific method for defending our faith – and quite frankly, we don’t need it anyhow.

    Concerning contradictions within the Bible, there is no better place to point them out than here! In fact, that’s what we are all trying to do. So please, let us know some things that trouble you about the Bible. We’ll answer to the best of our ability, and you are welcome of take or leave our answers.

    Either way, go in peace, friend.

  10. Thanks for sharing Mark. There is a problem with the link as all the pages do not display.

    One theme of the paper is that creationists have a problem breaking from the concept that time is absolute.

    Do you think we might find a believer who doubts that God can bend or change the laws of physics at His will whenever and however He wants? For me, there is no other concept to understand. Maybe there is somebody trying to understand how he does it. Not me. (even though I love physics)

  11. Rats!
    note to webmaster – typo. please add n to last word of first sentence of last paragraph of previous post. My enthusiasm for Wonderwhat confounds my better judgement and spelling. I promise to be more careful. Sorry.

    (Done and done- R.)

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