Beach Burn

What if the church…instead of trying to drum up business through clever marketing schemes…just started practicing their faith in public?  Not as an outreach program…not in order to get a head count of how many “prayed the prayer”…just a community following their corporate convictions, but out in public. 

In Acts 2, the most effective “evangelism” that was happening, was that people were able to observe Christ followers…without any pressure to do or pray anything.

I don’t know…there was something pretty special about our Burning House on the beach.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Beach Burn

  1. It has seemed to me lately that too often “the church” takes the exclusive nature of our message (Jesus is the only path to God) and interprets that to mean that “the church” should be exclusive. Sadly, at one point in my life I felt that way, there were two groups: Christians and Pagans — and never the twain should meet. What was I thinking?? What were we (the church) thinking?? I’ll never forget what brought this home to me — it was my run-in with “bullhorn guy.”

    During U2’s Vertigo tour a friend invited me to come with him to one of the shows in Atlanta — for free! (We were 12 feet from the stage– it was magical) As we were entering the Phillips Arena, there were rows of “Christians” with bullhorns shouting how we were on the way into Hell. “Be not deceived — Bono is really a devil….” Bullhorn Guy changed my life forever, not in the way he had hoped — instead I saw myself in him. At one point, I would’ve felt perfectly justified standing there shouting into the cold Georgia night. It was an “Aha” moment, and I decided to never pick up my “bullhorn” or mount by “bully pulpit” again.

    So yes, go to the beach and sing your songs and drink your Kool Aid, I mean Grape Juice — let the world see that the followers of Jesus really do love each other. It is that love that Jesus said would be a sign to the world that we were his, not a building or a name or a bullhorn — but love.

  2. John 13:34 (The Message)

    34-35″Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

    What a journey! This is an amazing adventure into what following Christ is all about!!!

  3. It was awesome!!! Yeah, You right!!! It was a great feeling of warm fellowship on a picture perfect evening…..It was just what the doctor (My healer, Our Savior) ordered……It was a great way to start our week and the first day of the rest of our lives here on this planet. I was renewed and revitalized and because he lives I can face tomorrow. We should do it again!!(Might have to wait until spring to get some warm weather again, this cold front is a little cool!!!). Thank You for All that you do. We Love you!!!

  4. You know, you have a good point Rob. A friend of mine goes to allot of music festivals. He goes, because he likes music, but if you listen to him talk about the festivals he talks about them with great reverence. He really goes to the festivals because there’s a sense of comradarie there.But, that same guy would never set foot in a church, because the comfort and familiarity that’s so common with meeting out in public is lost at most churches. I could almost guarantee that half of the people who would go to a public event and shun the church would at the very least stand back and check out what we’re doing. And, it was such a good time, and it felt better than any festival I’ve been to. God bless you all!

    P.S. Could I wear my dc pajamas to eastgate?

  5. originally God provided us an awesome garden in which to worship/commune with Him. being on the beach was like listening to a sweet echo of that divine intention…so great.

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