Palm Sunday

Jesus Beheld the City and Wept over ItThis Sunday is Palm Sunday…and we’ll be reading John 12:12-16.

Palm Sunday is a day when we acknowledge that Jesus is King.  But what does that mean?  How is Jesus king to us, as 21st Century American Christians?  Because of our origins as a nation, the idea of “king” may not play too well with our thinking.  But what does this passage inform us about when it comes to Jesus as our King?

What do you think?  Is the concept of Jesus being a literal King something you relegate to a mystical, spiritual thing…or do you see it as something that directly and presently effects your life?  I’d be interested to hear.

4 responses to “Palm Sunday”

  1. Tracy Buchanan Avatar
    Tracy Buchanan

    Rob, you pose a very deep question. As I stumble through the verses and ponder your question, I’m drawn to the idea that Israel’s perception of Jesus as their King was a bit warped. As has been mentioned before, Israel was looking for a savior more on a political front, not so much an “eternal soul savior” so to speak. I wonder if we, as 21st Christians, aren’t guilty of the same misconception (I know I have been)…looking to be saved from certain aspects of life rather than just glorifying my King for who He is and for what He sacrificed for ME. Me, who stumbles and falls and messes things all up on a daily basis. Me, who doesn’t have a clue as to why He would WANT to love me in such a way, but SO thankful He does.

    It seems contrary to our human makeup (to mine anyway) to be subject to anything or anyone, much less to an idea or something unseen. But when I do relinquish my authority to Him, I experience the benefits of divine wisdom and unconditional, infinite love…something I am unable to give myself or attain from any other source. Just wonder why it is so difficult to give in to sometimes! Oh, did I mention His gracious long suffering with me? 🙂

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Sunday.

  2. “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my Kingdom is from another place.” (somewhere later in John, I think)

    We are acknowledging Jesus as king. I don’t believe, however, that this should be interpreted from our modern political viewpoint. Jesus says that his kingdom is from another place. I do believe that Jesus as king “directly and presently affects my life,” though. Every decision I make should be influenced by the leading of my King. My entire life should be viewed from the scope of trying to understand His intentions for me.

    I’ll agree that Israel’s idea of Jesus as king was warped. They were expecting a warrior king. He rode in on a donkey instead of a stallion. That’s hilarious.

    Why? Jesus did this to fulfill prophecy. Zec 9 says something like “Your king comes.. gentle and riding a donkey”

    I think the Jews fail to see exactly what Jesus is trying to do here. He’s a lamb being led to slaughter – not yet that conquering king they had expected. (although we soon learn that He will conquer death)

    Like those Israelites before us, we can’t put our faith in our system. We’re told to pray for our leaders – but we certainly shouldn’t idolize them.

    America’s founding fathers obviously would have been a bit perturbed by the idea of a monarchy in the United States, but the majority of those that weren’t deist or atheist claimed to be Protestant.

    Jesus as King does not scare me.
    Christians as king does.
    Christianity is not a political party. (Sorry Falwell)
    I think we often put too much faith in our elected leaders in the United States. Like the Jews in the Bible, I think we have a tendency to ask God to let us try to fix things on our own.

    Naturally, we botch it.

    I’m with Ms. Tracy. We often look for rescue in something we find here. Religiosity. Relationship. Politics. Economics. Jobs.

    We have to recognize Jesus as literal King over our lives. I think if I can truly believe that by the time I’ve died, it’ll all have been worth it.

    If I somehow missed the target and all of you guys think we need to bring Jesus’ Kingdom into the political arena – let me know soon so I can jump ship.

    I love you.

  3. Tracy- you said “It seems contrary to our human makeup (to mine anyway) to be subject to anything or anyone, much less to an idea or something unseen. “…and THAT to me, is one of the biggest obstacles I experience when it comes to understanding Jesus as a PRESENT King. It’s easier, when He’s unseen, to relegate the concept to a spiritual expression, but not a practical mandate. Yet…He IS King.

    Joe – you little heretic, you! (heh…J/K). I’m with you…if I can truly believe…and ACT on what I believe, that Jesus is my King before I die…this life will have been well spent.

    The message of the early church was “Jesus is Lord”. It was borrowed DIRECTLY from the phrasing about Caesar, who was called “king of kings and lord of lords”. The idea was…Caesar can’t save me…Caesar can’t even command my highest loyalty. Caesar is NOT Lord….Jesus is. It’s a concept that got muddied in Enlightenment…but something we need to recapture in our hearts.

    Good thoughts you guys!

  4. Jesus must be king of all,
    or He is not king at all.
    I seem to constantly sweep my life of the clutter
    that tries to be king.

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