Responsibility…what’s that? Responsibility, not quite yet!

Running late this week, per usual.  Don’t forget that Burning House is this Sunday…and Save the Ship will be leading worship and providing original music!  Do NOT miss this.

This Sunday we’ll be finishing up our teaching in 1&2 Thessalonians…and we’ll be reading 2 Thes 3:6-18. (Also in The Message)

It appears as though end time fever got the best of some of the people in Thessalonica…and they quit showing up to work and just sat around looking for Jesus to come back.  Every met anyone like that?  Ever done that yourself?  I heard a phrase once, that said “Live as though it were your last moment on earth, but plan as though you’ll be here 100 more years.”….or something like that.  I actually used that very unromantic phrase when I proposed to Robbie…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

In reading these verses, we should tie v6 to v14-15, because those latter two revisit what is said in v6.  How do you interpret what Paul is saying there…and even more, how would you actually carry that out in real life?

Paul uses himself as and example in v7-9.  What do we learn from his example?

In v10-13, Paul makes a two fold challenge…one is to the slackers…the other is to those who have been trying their best to do the good that endures.  What is the message to these two groups?

He finishes it all off reminding of something very encoruaging…v16….what is it?

See you guys Sunday…and don’t forget to make room for Burning House!

One thought on “Responsibility…what’s that? Responsibility, not quite yet!

  1. Well put on Sunday! Brings to mind the Newboys song, “Lights Out”.

    And good find on that Steve Martin clip to make it relevant to a current event. I always seem to learn more on Sunday if there was something to laugh about first.

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