Leadership 101

Sorry about not posting here last week.  That is…if anyone is still reading this and finding it useful.  That’s an odd conundrum, isn’t it?  If you’re not reading this, you don’t know I wrote it, and there’s no way you could tell me I should stop.  Just let me say, if you’re not reading this don’t worry about it.  Don’t give it a second thought, which of course you don’t because you haven’t read it.

This Sunday we’ll be reading 1 Timothy 5:17-15  (the message version here)

Paul has a lot to say about leadership.  How to treat them, how to correct them, how to appoint them and what to expect from them.  There’s part of me that feels really uncomfortable dealing with this passage…I almost wondered at one point if I should have asked someone else to teach it.  I decided in the end that I’m called to explore all of the Scriptures, not just the stuff that I’m comfortable with.  It’s there in the text, so we’ll deal with it.

Do you feel like there is anything in this passage that applies to your own life or responsibilities?  V23 is quite the topic.  Do you have any ideas on what Paul is telling Timothy in that verse?

2 thoughts on “Leadership 101

  1. Verse 23 seems to be a personal aside, parental in tone. Basically, “Tim — you don’t have to just drink water. Have some wine, it’s good for you and your belly.” I did have fun reading what “learned theologians” thought this verse meant. Fun in a “really, you’ve got to be kidding” sort of way — but fun nonetheless. I can’t wait to hear your take.

    • I didn’t read the post here last week…ok, honestly, I didn’t visit to see if there was a post. v23 – should we believe that the water was so bad there/then that a little wine was mixed with it to disinfect it? Was it for ‘medicinal’ purposes, to relieve pain, etc.? Maybe Paul was saying it is ok, moderation, don’t be legalistic.
      My other comment is on v 22. Wednesday night we heard that Nehemiah threatened to lay hands on the merchants, to cause harm. This verse seems to refer to another type of laying on of hands. I think Paul is saying not to quickly lay hands on, to ‘anoint’ or send out with your blessing those who come into the body. That the church should wait until they really know the person before they put them in any kind of ‘leadership’ position. Eastgate’s idea of being a regular for at least 6 months is a good example in my mind. eg – We wouldn’t want to wind up with someone who has abused children in a position caring for infants.
      This Is a great passage, full of ‘nuggets’. I also am looking forward to your take on it.
      ps – don’t ever think that because no one comments that no one is reading these posts. To me, this is one of the great things about Eastgate. The ability to get a read on what you are going to be teaching, to read it, to ponder and be ready to receive what the Lord has laid on your heart. Thank you for continuing to post 🙂

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