Lost and Found

Sunday we’ll be looking at Luke 2:41-52.

This is the one and only account we have of Jesus as an adolescent child.  Many scholars dispute its legitimacy in the text…but frankly, if someone were going to make up a story about Jesus’ childhood and insert it, I would suspect they would make it more exciting than this.  I mean…Jesus gets lost at the mall?  Really?  That’s what someone invented to make the story more interesting?  I just doubt it.

I’m going to dig into three theological truths that we learn about Jesus from this story.  As you read it, what do you learn about Jesus from what he says and does?

I’m also going to draw three parallels from Joseph and Mary’s perspective concerning our own relationship to Jesus.  What parallels do you see to your own journey with Christ in this section?

That’s the stuff to think about until Sunday.  See yaz then!

One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. 1st Concerning the authenticity of the story. It took me a couple of years to accept a single fact. I had to believe ALL of the bible. If I accepted an arguement against a single story I would be accepting an arguement against all of the bible. One question questions the very truth that the word of God stands on. If one story, parable, event is not true, why then are all the others. The war is sometimes not raging with swords but with the smallest of doubts.

    2nd Can’t wait to find out what the three truths are. I think while reading the passages a simple idea concerning where does wisdom or guidance come from. Not to ignore the wisdom that can come from mothers, but I believe it is still the father that provides the wisdom and guidance to all children. Jesus is just telling us that although our fathers will be providing some stability (hopefully) in our lives, real guidance and purpose will come from our heavenly Father. Maybe the real is wrapped up in the why and for whom rather than the what. Does Paul suggest the same in the opening of 1st Corinthians 13.

    Finally, I found it curious that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” For me it begs the question “Can I increase in favor with men without first finding favor with God”. Look at Tiger Woods, he has lost his enormous favor with men. Was he about his Fathers work? Did Jesus increase in man’s wisdom, or in His Father’s wisdom?

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